What happens when the watches glass breaks?

Watch should be careful to avoid collisions with sharp or hard objects, try not to wear a watch for strenuous exercise, to avoid the watch fall or scratches, watch the table is broken will affect the tightness of the watch, causing the watch to enter the dust or water vapor, so need to be properly kept.

Watch glass broken correctly treatment methods are as follows:

1. Never dial a needle or a calendar quickly.

2. Pull out the table and let the watch stop.

3. Avoid violent shaking and shaking to make the watch suffer two damage

4. Remind the Watch maintenance personnel, the repair process is careful, do not let broken glass injury and dial, hands.

The above approach is to prevent the pointer in the moving glass debris in the near step to damage the dial, to avoid causing greater loss, the value of the dial is often larger than the table glass!