How to solve If the custom watch is flooded with water and the mirror is foggy?

High quality watch manufacturers give you some suggestions

1. Use a few layers of toilet paper or a moisture-absorbing flannel to pack the bag tightly and place it under the bulb for about 30 minutes to remove the water mist inside. However, avoid it near the bulb or directly bake it to avoid deformation of the surface.

2. The surface is facing inward, the bottom case is facing outwards, and it is worn on the wrist. After a few hours, the water mist in the table can be eliminated.

3. If you have silica gel, put the silicone and the water-incorporated watch into a closed container. After a few hours, remove the watch and the water mist in the watch will disappear.

4. If the water in the watch is serious, it is best to send it to the watch shop to wipe the oil and remove the water from the watch to avoid rusting the parts inside the watch.

Note: In order to prolong the service life of the watch, you should avoid fogging water droplets in the waterproof watch. Do not wear the watch during the “hydrophilic” activities such as washing your face, bathing, swimming, etc. Do not be affected by water vapor or hot steam. Be careful not to get rain.