How to choose a watch factory for production of large orders?

Wholesalers and agents, in the choice of manufacturers or when they joining, will conduct discreet levels of reference to ensure that find a strong ability of technology manufacturers. In the watch market, various watches and gradually show on the market, some styles even sold out in one day, become hot and explosive products. Wholesalers how to choose a watch manufacturer for deep cooperation, agents how to find a manufacturer that has a huge upside for proxy?

Because once cooperate the manufacturers who is not so strong, in terms of supply, capacity, even in technology will encounter some problems.

According to our understand and analysis on watches market , we think, wholesalers in select manufacturers before signed large orders, firstly ,they should know the strength of the watch manufacturer from three aspects ,first, in-depth understand manufacturers whether has separate manufacturing production capacity, their production capacity whether ensure supply in scheduled date completed, then, manufacturer’s manufacturing process is very important, you need to see manufacturers manufacturing process whether reached requirements, if find too many bad products , need to back factory repair , will effect to products of sales process, last,you need to understand how about the after-service of watch manufacturer

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