Gentleman wrist watches of retro-style will be hot or not ?

Business man have the requests on dress , they can not dress too grandiose ,because it won’t commensurate with their business image , when they choose a watch style, will focus on choosing the watch style matches their own image. In watches market, a variety styles watches , as a mature business men, which style should you choose as your watch and wear ? Foshan Bolong watch manufacturers unveiled the retro-style design watches, very hot on business man group .According to the data provided by Foshan Bolong watch manufacturer , we got the following result :

A ccording to the data that provided by Foshan Bolong watch manufacturers, and users who buy retro-style gentlemen wrist watch, between the age distribution of 35-45 years old , this is in the prime stage of their life, in their life experiences, they have too much memories and nostalgia on the past , so they tend to select retro-style gentlemen wrist watch. However, in younger age groups of users, retro-style is not the most popular style, their choice is fashion watches, fashionable styles will suit for their age .

People of different ages, there is difference on select gentleman wrist watches , watch manufacturer in Foshan Bolong had made a full investigation on the user preferences in the market , and produced a variety of styles to meet the market of consumers, retro-style gentlemen wrist watch is a middle-aged man’s like, but they did not forget to launch fashion watches, demand for younger consumers to buy . Lack of market awareness and investigation will lose users 。The others watch manufacturers should emulate this principle, create a famous card on watch in the world .

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