Do you know the normal thickness of the watches?

The most appropriate thickness of the watch dial has always been a concern when buying watches. Some people prefer thicker watches because they highlight the wearer's domineering personality. Some people like thinner watches because they are lighter and more artistic. What's the best thickness for a watch? Here is the home of the wristwatch to introduce you.

The thickness of the watch is the vertical distance from the mirror to the bottom of the watch, including the thickness of the mirror. Mm is usually used in units. Mechanical watches are usually thicker than quartz ones, and chronometers are thicker than regular ones. The thinner the mechanical movement is, the higher the technical requirements.

Quartz watches are often less than 6 mm thick, mechanical watches generally between 7 and 12 mm thick, 11 mm also, a relatively thick mechanical watch. A growing number of watch brands have introduced ultra-thin watches, such as the earl Altiplano 900P dial with a thickness of 3.65 millimeters. It broke the previous record held by the jaefer-lecoultre ultra-thin master series commemorative wristwatch.

In this age of the pursuit of lightness and thinness, all objects are pursuing extreme thinness. Therefore, the slim and thin watches in the family are more and more popular. In addition to inheriting the classics and pioneering innovation, the ultra-thin watch models are not too cumbersome or heavy to wear. Many business people tend to prefer the lightweight watch, so the ultra-thin watch becomes more and more popular.

In the world of watches, thin and slim is always the first choice to buy watches. Almost since the 1950s, there has been an "ultra-thin battle" between the top watch brands. Generally speaking, in the mechanical watch, the manual winding watch, the movement in 2 mm or so should be thin, the automatic winding watch, the movement grasp in 5 mm are very good. Today, the overall trend is lighter, more accurate and thinner, despite never giving up the interpretation of the calendar, tourbillon and other complex functions. It's more in tune with your understated elegance.