Do You Know About Different Kind Of Buckle

Folding buckle includes double-sided folding and unilateral folding, starting from the single-sided folding deduction. Folding buckle is to make up for the lack of traditional pinhole strap and developed, it is the biggest difference is the pinhole only as part of a fixed strap, the use of pinholes will be fixed strap, and the other end is the metal folding buckle, every day Just move the folding button can be picked up the action of the watch, the entire process will not cause friction caused by the strap, so to protect the buckle around the leather strap and intact. As the front has been broken with a double folding buckle, so have to explain the shortcomings of the unilateral folding buckle, that is, single-sided folding buckle itself designed to have a certain length, for the wrist of the smaller people will appear too large, Adjustment process is limited, barely worn, then there will be loose situation.



The two-way folding buckle in the buckle type is the product derived from the unilateral folding buckle because the design of the two-way folds is like a butterfly when it is spread out, so the butterfly buckle, in the Swiss watch, The most extensive, no one. Butterfly buckle improved the shortcomings mentioned earlier in the unilateral folding buckle, no longer limited to a wrist size of the main table. However, due butterfly buckle more parts than unilateral folding buckle, the opportunity prone to failure during routine removal frequency is relatively large increase, and double-folding design also allows thicker than the average comes butterfly buckle clasp, regarded as shortcomings butterfly buckle.