Detailed knowledge of china custom watches case

At present, the china market shell more than the use of alloy shell, copper shell, steel shell, tungsten carbide shell and so on.

1. Steel Shell: Generally speaking, processing more complex, small production, high price, its performance is higher than the alloy shell and copper shell, the general production of watches manufacturers used in high-grade electronic watches and mechanical or mechanical automatic watches, belong to high-end watches.

2. Tungsten Steel Shell: processing difficult, not easy to wear, and with sapphire table, Japanese movement, tungsten steel strap. This table is generally high-grade electronic watches.

3. Alloy shell: Generally speaking, simple processing process, production of watches manufacturers need short production cycle, large production, low prices, in recent years, the development of relatively rapid, but because of its waterproof, wear resistance, anti-corrosion and other aspects of many deficiencies, large-scale celebrations are rarely used, generally used in such as beer, beverages and other aspects of the promotion, belong to the middle and low-grade watches.

4. Copper Shell: Copper shell with easy processing, beautiful, waterproof performance, surface wear and corrosion resistance and other advantages, many manufacturers for the use of watches, its price is moderate is its advantages, belong to high, mid-range class watches.