Chronograph ODM OEM Watches use precautions

1. chronograph watch suppliers:Avoid strong shocks:
Nowadays, although the watch has anti-shock function, it should avoid the sudden impact, so it is best to remove the watch when doing sports.

2. chronograph man watch from china:Don't be close to magnetic items:
The parts of the watch are made of metal. Although there are anti-magnetic devices, when the magnetic objects are encountered, it is easy to make the time inaccurate. Therefore, it is better to place them on the radio, TV and other electrical products.

3. slim chronograph watch:Do not bring the watch close to the solvent:
Mercury, cosmetic sprays, detergents, adhesives or paints, otherwise the case, strap, etc. will be discolored, deteriorated or damaged.

4. man chronograph watches:Keep away from camphor substances:
Camphor has the effect of decomposing oil, which can easily cause the oil of the watch to be broken down and make it malfunction.

5. chronograph wrist watch:Do not open the bottom cover often:
To avoid the water and dust floating in the air, enter the machine and cause malfunction.

6. leading watch manufacturers:away from water and steam:
Although the watch has a waterproof device, the waterproof accessory may still be slack with time, causing the device to be wet and rust, and lose its effect. Therefore, when the bath is swimming, the non-professional waterproof watch needs to be taken off.

7. swiss oem watch manufacturer:watch collection methods:
Do not put it in pockets and purses, so as to prevent fine cloth dust and dust from entering the watch, or the oil volatilized by perfumes and cosmetics. Condensed water causes corrosion and oxidation of parts of the watch. When not wearing for a long time, it should be placed in a cool, dry package.

8. watch companies:Take off your watch at bedtime:
The fiber and the batt of the sheet and the temperature difference between the inside and the outside are easily damaged.

9. japanese watch manufacturers:to avoid rapid temperature changes.